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60th FITCE Communication Days
Congress for ICT Professionals
29th - 30th Sep 2021
Celebration 60th Anniversary FITCE EU
Celebration 30th Anniversary FITCE Austria
1st (- 2nd)* of Oct 2021

60th FITCE Congress on ICT-related aspects; technically co-sponsored by IEEE ComSoc*

Call for Papers

Basically, the future development of all industries will depend on access to data. This is obviously true for the supply chain of respective industries as well as for the complete life cycle of its products. Therefore, industrial data are one of the most important assets of European economy and prosperity in the future. These data will help to improve the products and they will also be necessary to develop completely new business models.

In the past, companies from America and China gained dominance in collecting data from customers, citizens and individuals and gained competitive advantages in many global industries such as mobile phones, social media, market places for private customers and the like. The same is true for the cloud business. Europe´s main contribution – based on our values – was the GDPR which is now used as a role model for protecting privacy in a digital society also in some parts of our world even outside Europe.

Due to the crucial importance of industrial data for European competitiveness in the decades to come
European politics started a new initiative on Cloud and industrial data, called GAIA X. It intends to generate a data infrastructure for Europe, and foster digital sovereignty of European users of cloud services. It is based on European values of transparency, openness, data protection and security.

Next to this topic on appropriate infrastructures and certification schemes, industrial data often are different to other types of data due to specific latency requirements needed for real-time control of various systems.
The last aspect of industrial data we want to highlight here is that industrial data very often are relevant for different stakeholders and in various contexts they should be presented and hided at the same time. For this purpose, new cryptographic approaches were developed recently.
* to be confirmed
Therefore the 60th FITCE Congress will concentrate on the topic:

Industrial Data – Cloud, Low Latency and Privacy

This conference aims at tackling various aspects connected with industrial data which are cloud security as well as certification of clouds, low latency requirements of industrial data, edge computing and low latency wireless communication as well as new cryptographic privacy enhancing technologies. We welcome submissions that investigate these issues, focusing on one of the following domains (not limitative):

•    European/National Cloud, cloud security and trusted certified cloud
•    GAIA X and European cloud initiatives
•    Cloud security and respective technological approaches
•    Cloud security products
•    Trusted Cloud and Cloud certification
•    Low Latency Requirements for industrial Data
•    Edge Computing
•    time triggered ethernet
•    Low latency communication 5G/6G
•    Privacy Preserving Technologies for industrial data       
•    Blind Auctions and Multi Party Computation
•    AI algorithms using encrypted data
The conference is structured in two main tracks:

- We welcome original scientific papers focusing on one of more of the themes mentioned above.
- Papers should follow IEEE format, and not exceed 6 pages in length.
- All papers will be subject to peer review.
- The conference proceedings will be submitted for inclusion to the IEEE Xplore Digital LibraryŽ.
- Paper submission address to be announced

- We welcome innovative technological contributions directed to companies and public administrations.
- Proposals for contributions should be submitted in the form of extended abstracts (800-1000 words) and will be subject to a review process as well.
- These contributions will not be included in IEEExplore.
- Papers for this track should be submitted to

The following timeline is foreseen:

31st May 2021 Deadline for submission
15th July 2021 Notification of acceptance
15th August 2021 Early registration deadline
31st August 2021 Deadline for final papers
Published at 1st of March, 2021
Martin Stierle, PhD - President of FITCE Austria
Impressum: FITCE Austria, Association not for profit (ZVR-Zahl 654810538), Seat: Vienna, Austria